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Poetic Testimonals

“I was extremely pleased with the final product, and my husband was sooo surprised. I wasn't sure how he would like a poem about how I felt, but he said that it made his birthday that much more special. He's not a crying man, but he did that day, and it made me cry too! Thank you for helping me convey my thoughts. It meant the world to me to let my husband know how much he is loved and respected. He has done so much for our family and has given more of himself than I could have ever dreamed possible. I am truly a lucky woman!”
“I couldn't think of what to buy my wife for our 22nd anniversary, and then a friend on mine told me about this website. I was a little sceptical, but since I knew how much my wife loved to read, I thought, why not. Well, it was the right decision. She placed it on the mantel above the fireplace and I see her look at it every single day and smile as though it was the first time she'd read it. Thank you Poetic Impressions. I will not only use you again in the future, but I will gladly tell everyone I know about your work.”
“I bought a personalized poem for my two aunts. They are twins . I loved them both so much and wanted to get them something as unique as they are. Strangely, one of them loves dogs and fishing, and the othe one loves cats and hiking. I never knew a poem could be written so beautifluly and pets and nature, lol! Thank you for helping me bring a lasting smile to their faces. I'm so glad I found your company.”