The Poetic Top Ten FAQ's

1. Why do you say your works are "Commissioned"
Since you (the client) are paying us to create a special, one-of-a-kind work of literary art, then it is considered to be commissioned.

2. Why do you give a Certificate of Authenticity?
We believe that offering our clients an original Certificate of Authenticity reaffirms our commitment to excellence, and also makes the presentation of your gift that much more special.

3. Does anyone else offer framed poetry?
Yes, and that's all we'll say about this topic. :-)

4. What makes your work better than the work of others?
If a person searches hard enough and long enough, they will always find something better and maybe even cheaper. However, we strive for excellence.

5: Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Because our business is centered around personalized literary art, we cannot offer a money back guarantee or a refund on purchases made because we cannot resale the completed work.

6. Can I decide the length of the poem?
We prefer that you didn't. All of our works are guaranteed to be at least 24 lines and may be up to 28 lines. It's truly not the length that matters, but the quality of how it's said.

7. Do you offer different size frames?
Not normally. Typically, all of our works will arrive in an elegant 8"x10" frame most suitable for the work itself. However, if you desire a larger frame for a specific area, which also means a much larger work, we can provide that also.

8. What if I want a large portrait-like piece over the fireplace. Is that the same price?
No. You'll pay more for a 24"x36" painting than you will for an 8"x10" sketch. So, you will pay more for a literary work of that size. If you desire something that large, please contact us for a quote.

9. If I already have frame, can I commission an unframed work?
Yes. Although we would prefer providing the frame, we do have offer unframed works.

10. Will my purchase ever be published?
Maybe. But only in an elegant anthology of works and not without the purchasers written consent.