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Personalized Framed Poetry Excerpts

As we are awakened each morning,
By the dawn of a new day,
Our thoughts are flooded by images-
That we have seen along the way;
Friendships such as these,
Lay dormant in the hearts of the living,
Until someone opens their eyes to see-
That there's a great joy that comes from giving;
Birthday wishes come and go,
Like the bloom of a rose on new fallen snow,
But a Mother's love spans all time,
Across generations to Heavenly skies;
As I arise each morning,
To view sweet heaven's dawn,
I'm reminded of all the sleeplessness,
Existing before our love was born;
From amidst the raging seas of time,
Two hearts emerged with vigor great,
One was filled with a valiant spirit,
And the other - forged in virtuous light;
As we, a people of right and wrong,
Embark upon the paths of a faithful life,
We are faced with discerning the ways of truth,
From dismal days to tedious nights;